The Wampus Cat

Conway adopted the Wampus Cats mascot in 1922. Conway High School is one of only six schools in the world with the Wampus Cats name. However, there is only ONE Conway Wampus Cat! The Conway Wampus Cat is a fearsome creature described as a large sort of mountain lion with glowing eyes that stalks its prey at night. The wampus cat is known by its six legs.

A blue and black cat that looks like a mountain lion, but has six legs.

Four to run at the speed of light!

Two to fight with all its might!

Alma Mater

Hail to the blue and white,
In all its radiant splendor.
Hail to the school we love,
Our hearts to thee we render.
Praise and honor, true devotion,
Each we give with deep emotion,
Ever of our lives a portion,
Alma Mater,

Fight Song

Wampus Cats, we fight to win it.
Bring the Victory home.
Set the Earth reverberating
Everywhere you roam:
Fight! Fight! Fight!
We all know that you'll pass the test;
Everybody knows that we are the best.
Hail! Hail! The gang's all here,
So let's cheer for Conway High